Diamond Empire Band - Wedding Band  - Contact Us
Diamond Empire Band - Wedding Band  - Contact Us
Diamond Empire Band - Wedding Band  - Contact Us
Diamond Empire Band - Wedding Band  - Contact Us
High-Energy Music for events. Playing all your favorite songs.


  • How long should I have the band play for?

    Usually, we quote for a 5 hour event – this is the “industry standard” length – but it can be lengthened with little cost. Naturally, the band cannot physically play continuously for this entire 5 hour period, and so you’ll need to schedule the band to play at the most effective times. We recommend 4 x 45min sets, to be spread throughout the night as you feel best. With speeches and other formalities, you’ll find that this is usually the perfect amount of time to have the band playing. See further below for our recommendations on how to get the most out of these sets. Also note that we are always very flexible to your needs, and anything can be customized to your plan – this is all just a “recommendation”. Talk to us about your ideas and dreams! We’ll do our best to accommodate (within reason!!)…
  • What happens during the breaks between band sets?

    As a free service to you, we always bring basic DJ equipment so that the room is still buzzing when the band is not playing. If you like, you can bring your own iPod for these breaks, or just leave it up to us if you prefer – we always carry a selection of appropriate background and “dance floor” music. By the time you get to the main course, you’ll find that the room is too noisy for a background band anyway, so we recommend quiet iPod background music during this time too. If you are looking for specific songs to be played at these times, we strongly recommend bringing an iPod, which we will happily manage for you, free of charge. Alternatively, just leave it up to us.
  • How do I choose what music will be played by the band over the course of the night?

    here is what we recommend – a compromise. Give the lead singer plenty of room to decide what is right for that moment. But give us a good indication of the kind of music that you love and hate. A great way to do this is to look at our songlist on the website.
  • What is the best way to spread the music throughout the night?

    We have found that the best way to spread out the music is to divide the band time into 4 x 45min sets.